World Text offers free texts and short-code to a UK charity in 2014

| 14th Nov 13

SMS provider World Text is looking to support a UK charity by providing 2014 free texts and use of its short-code throughout 2014.  The winner, perhaps two, will be chosen on the 20th December.  For smaller charities the opportunity of free messaging could be transformative.

Neil Vince, Founder and CTO said: “In the current austere times, I wanted to do something a little more tangible than just a one-off donation.  Among our many clients, we provide SMS text messaging for many of the UK and Ireland Search and Rescue teams, along with UK Emergency Services, so we’re well aware how important a simple text message can be.  What better way to help out a charity than providing some messaging they can then use in their marketing, or organising volunteers?  With the additional publicity we intend to give them throughout the year on our website, I’m hoping we can make a marked contribution to their efforts and visibility.”

Liam Vince, Commercial Manager said: “With ever increasing costs and difficulty maintaining volunteer support and donations, charities around the UK are looking for different ways to engage with their patrons. This is often beyond the reach of many charities which simply don’t have the resource, time or man power to implement the likes of text messaging. With that in mind we felt it fitting to offer the use of the World Text SMS platform, and guide the chosen charity through setting up text messaging in their organisation along with a monthly allowance.”

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