Pixelberry supports anti-bullying charity Cybersmile with mobile game

| 8th Nov 13

This month, players of Pixelberry’s mobile game High School Story™ will have the opportunity to help raise awareness and support for the Cybersmile Foundation when they download the ‘Stop Cyberbullying’ bundle in their game.

This will be the first time High School Story players will have had the opportunity to support a charity through the game.

Cybersmile’s Founder Scott Freeman said: “It’s fantastic that Pixelberry Studios (High School Story) have recognised the damaging effects of cyberbullying and have decided to use their influence and reach to help support us to combat cyberbullying, spread positivity online and give the victims the help and support that they desperately need.”

Players will be able to purchase the ‘Stop Cyberbullying’ bundle in the game and receive 10,000 coins, 300 rings, 1300 books and a limited edition Cybersmile banner to show all your friends that you are supporting the cause.

The campaign began on November 7, 2013, with Pixelberry donating a percentage of the revenue to the Cybersmile Foundation every time the bundle is purchased. For more information and to start playing High School Story, visit High School Story.

Oliver Miao, CEO of Pixelberry Studios: “Pixelberry has always believed that games can both entertain and help players at the same time.  We’re very excited to partner with The Cybersmile Foundation and Playmob to make a difference in the lives of teens.”

The campaign has been supported by Playmob, a London based Tech company specialising in charitable fundraising through games.