Bidtech announces launch of Bidtech Mobile

| 7th Nov 13

Bidtech has announced the launch of Bidtech Mobile, a new way for fundraisers to make the most of Bidtech’s charity auction technology.

The new ‘bring your own device’ mobile service enables guests to bid and donate through their smartphones or other devices using the venue’s own WiFi or a public 3G/4G.

In addition, Bidtech Mobile even allows those who cannot make the event to make donations remotely, and the pre-event site allows users to bid on items days or even weeks before the event.

Benefits of Bidtech Mobile include:

  • Increased fundraising levels
  • Remote bidding
  • Pre-event bidding
  • More data
  • Affordability

Paul Beck, CEO at Bidtech, said: “Bidtech Mobile accessibility and flexibility increases the number of bidders participating in the auction, the number of bids being made, the amount of data being captured and most importantly, the total amount of money raised.

“It also makes this technology more affordable, bringing it within reach of all budgets so that, for the first time, charity auction technology can be used by smaller community groups and schools to help raise much-needed funds.”