Cure Leukaemia and The Binding Site announce partnership with online video

| 6th Nov 13

In order to raise awareness of its new 2013/14 partnership with The Binding Site, charity Cure Leukaemia has chosen to release an online video. With only about 23% of national brands and even fewer charities utilising online video to market to consumers, it’s a clever move for the third sector organisation.

With the average user spending around 18% of online time on social sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, creating a good social media strategy and utilising video within it is required to see good results.

The video illustrates the work of both organisations and further describes their new working relationship.

Charles de Rohan, CEO of The Binding Site in Birmingham, said:  “We are very proud to be supporting a local charity that is very close to our hearts. Similar to Cure Leukaemia, our business is all about helping save the lives of patients through providing innovative, accessible blood tests.

We have already seen the excellent, ground-breaking work that Cure Leukaemia help facilitate at the Clinical Centre For Haematology and we’re very excited that it will be the focus of our fundraising activities this year.”

James McLaughlin, CEO of Cure Leukaemia, added: “We’re delighted to have been recognised by a company which is achieving global excellence. The company’s Charity Committee have some fantastic fundraising activities lined up and we’re very much looking forward to working with them to help us reach our £1 million fundraising target for the year ahead.”

Check out more of the videos produced by Cure Leukaemia here.