Reciprocate charity database overhauled to improve services

| 5th Nov 13

The UK’s leading resource for reciprocal charity swap data, Reciprocate, is being overhauled to give member organisations access to fundraising tools, making the best use of the wealth of insight to be found in the UK’s largest charity data pool.

The pool has helped hundreds of charities increase their fundraising incomes since its launch 25 years ago. It now has 60 charity members and includes more than 30 million records.

One of the most significant changes is the development of a custom database that brings together all information into a single donor view, allowing cutting-edge analysis to take place.

Reciprocate will also be offering new tools including identifying conversion and upgrade prospects, gift aid-eligible donors and donors who represent a risk of reduced giving.

Response One’s Head of Charity Development, Ben Carter, said: “Reciprocate has always been about supporting charities to meet their fundraising goals. These much needed updates will make sure we can continue to deliver an excellent service.”

Further details of the changes will be available at Reciprocate Members’ Forum on 27thNovember, an event for member charities or by invitation only. Email if you would like to attend.