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Care2Save expands to “change the way the UK gives”

Over 130 of the UK’s biggest names in retail have signed up to Care2Save, the online shopping site which gives 80% of the profit directly to any registered charity of consumer’s choice. The remaining 20% also goes to charity, in the form of the Care2Save Charitable Trust, which will distribute all profits to hospices and palliative care projects in the UK and around the world.

Debenhams, Boots, House of Fraser, WH Smith, Laura Ashley Monarch, BT, and O2 are just a few of the names involved. Care2Save has no shareholders to pay, a completely transparent and low cost structure, and is governed by a board of trustees who volunteer their time and expertise.

CEO Fragata Ladeira, said: “The expansion of to include the UK’s finest and most popular brands shows is not only an exciting moment for us, but for the whole of UK’s charity sector. There is a hidden pool of money online to which we have all, as consumers, added by clicking on a link or buying a product and as a result unknowingly created a sales commission for companies.

“By taking on the entire UK marketplace, offering a one-stop-shop for all goods and services and allowing the consumer to simply nominate any UK charity of their choice, we believe we can fundamentally change the way the UK gives.

“It is becoming more difficult for charities to raise the money they need to continue making a difference. The generous people of the UK want to give and continue to do so but we are all feeling the effects of the economic downturn. Added to which Government funds are stretched and decisions about where services can be cut are being made all over the country. is the only online portal to donate 100% of its commission to charity.”


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    Well done on the success of Care2save in the UK.

    Any plans to have a similar fundraiser in Ireland?