Bidtech experiences growth as charities explore innovative technologies

| 11th Oct 13

Throughout 2013, fundraising technology specialist Bidtech has experienced a 190% increase in event contracts. This has been put down to the increase of charities using technology to boost donations.

Bidtech provides technology for fundraising events, using iPads and specially created software to help charities operate silent auctions and harness other features designed to encourage donations and promote greater understanding and involvement of good causes.

Paul Beck, CEO of Bidtech, said: “We have pioneered a number of innovations to help charities and corporate fundraisers harness the power of technology to increase donations. As awareness and acceptance of these benefits increases, we’re seeing a greater number of organisations asking for our help, as well as higher levels of repeat business from satisfied customers.

“Our work in North America also means that we’re developing a significant business overseas, something that will continue as we strengthen our presence in both the US and across Europe.”