Help for Heroes launches new game app

| 10th Oct 13

A new game app has been launched by Help for Heroes to raise money for soldiers injured in combat. The game, ‘Hero Bears’ tasks the user to navigate round an obstacle course carrying a wounded bear and collecting tokens along the way. As the levels progress the obstacle course gets more difficult, and users can share their scores on a leaderboard.

Bryn Parry, co-founder of Help for Heroes drew the hero bear characters used in the app and development was donated by Appy Nation and Supersonic Software.

Andy Payne, chief executive of Appy Nation, said: “There are some serious messages in there, but they’re done in a way whereby those guys who have been helped by Help for Heroes are saying thank you. No one’s getting killed, there’s no blood anywhere. It’s family-friendly, it’s compelling fun for father and son, mother and daughter, and the people who make the decision to purchase the app can feel good about it.”

The app costs £1.99, £1 of which will be donated to the charity.