Concern Worldwide partners with Nonsense to deliver new digital campaign

Concern Worldwide has launched its new ‘Counting Cowpeas’ campaign which will be delivered over the next six months through the animated character Malama Cowpea.

Messages will be delivered through video and via email, highlighting Cowpea’s virtues as a nutritious bean that grows well in harsh conditions and whose leaves, roots and pods can also be eaten.  Audiences will be asked to sign a letter to the Prime Minister asking that the UK starts spending pledged funds now to help tackle undernutrition.  The campaign will also feature on the and platforms and will have its own Facebook tab where supporters can watch the video and sign up to the campaign.

Drawing on the popularity of gamification, secondary calls to action, like sharing the campaign with friends, will be done via social media sites while Malama will be the voice of Concern’s twitter account in October. Supporters will also be asked to email or tweet their local MP with the video featuring Malama Cowpea.

Concern worked partnered with digital marketing agency Nonsense to create the campaign. James Barker, Digital Manager at Concern said: “Once again Nonsense have taken our technical and serious messages and have helped us to distil them into an accessible and engaging format for the public. We have a genuine opportunity here to positively impact the way the UK government spends on undernutrition and we believe the campaign’s regular updates and interaction with supporters will strengthen their commitment to helping us tackle hunger.”

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