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Putting innovative ideas into action – the four step process

Innovation is key to the charitable sector. But it’s one thing for a charity to come up with an innovative idea and another to put this idea into action.

In a recent post for the Guardian Voluntary Sector Network, Stephen Bediako, founder and director of The Social Innovation Partnership shares his top four tips on how charities can ensure that they make their innovative ideas into reality.

  1. Gather ideas. Ask as many people as possible, not only staff but funders, partners, and competitors too. Listen to every idea and list in order of priority.
  2. Develop ideas. Take the best ones and test them, noting what does and doesn’t work.
  3. Put ideas into action.
  4. Carry on or abandon? If continuing, think about long term ownership. If abandoning the idea, take what you have learnt and apply this to innovations in the future.

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  • Gorta.org

    Great article. I would add that all staff should spend 1 hour every week on creating innovative ideas as well – one of the reasons why Nike, Google, Apple and GE are the biggest brands in the world.
    I would also create a wall to visualise the ideas and see if some ideas cross-pollinate into better ones.