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Charities failing to engage using digital platforms, reveals survey

A recent survey from Connect Assist, which quizzed 240 senior charity professionals, found that only one in five think they are effectively engaging with their supporters using digital platforms. The survey found that less than 20% of charities use text messaging, live-chat, and online channels to reach potential donors.

CEO of Connect Assist, Patrick Nash, has expressed his concerns over these findings, saying that charities are missing out on building strong relationships with their supporters. In the digital world that we live in, he urges charities to explore innovate ways of communication.

He said: “Nowadays digital should be a central part of the mix for most organisations, especially charities as, in these tough times, they are competing for donations from people whose incomes are already stretched.”

The survey also revealed that two thirds of charities are using dated manual entry CRM systems. Patrick Nash added: “Charities should be using the more advanced systems that automatically input data, integrate all forms of donor communication and store it in the same place. Their team members are time-pressed as it is, and systems should empower them to focus on their supporters rather than repetitive processes.

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  • Harry Croydon

    maybe this is because they are relying on using FaceBook? For us this is a poor platform and using our own resources we have found better ways. CRM is a key and plotting and developing the human experience on your digital foot print

  • Julia Lyford

    One of the main problems is capacity, mainly time, and if we were smarter at using shared spaces sharing someone to keep things up to date surely it would be more achievable. There’s already too competitive a climate within the third sector and social media could be part of the glue rather than the competitive edge….

  • Marcelle Speller

    Patrick Nash is quite right when he says that, by eschewing online routes, charities are missing out on innovative ways to reach supporters and build awareness. At we’re not surprised by the results of this survey. We know that charities, especially small, local groups, often don’t have the time or skills to explore the world of online. So we try to make the whole set up process as fast and easy as we can, with a dedicated Help Desk on hand to talk through any problems. We offer online donation processing, training, webinars, guides, newsletters and blogs, all of which help demystify the Internet. The frustration is that while charities put aside using online channels as something to do when they have time, by embracing online, charities could actually free up time and resources to focus on the main event…..their fantastic work in the community.

    • Sanusie Sesay

      I find Marcelle’s comments about digital platforms interesting. I am currently undertaking IoF fundraising certificate course with the aim to set up a fundraising management support CIC for BME, faith and disabled people’s groups. I was a Managing Director of a disability umbrella organisation in Hackney for 13 year, but the use of internet for fundraising is not in existence within these non-profit sectors. I would like to explore this donor market to help these nonprofits. Therefore, Marcelle, would you please send me more information about your training. If you want to communicate with me outside this medium about this request, my e-mail address is Thank you!