Charities failing to engage using digital platforms, reveals survey

| 2nd Oct 13

A recent survey from Connect Assist, which quizzed 240 senior charity professionals, found that only one in five think they are effectively engaging with their supporters using digital platforms. The survey found that less than 20% of charities use text messaging, live-chat, and online channels to reach potential donors.

CEO of Connect Assist, Patrick Nash, has expressed his concerns over these findings, saying that charities are missing out on building strong relationships with their supporters. In the digital world that we live in, he urges charities to explore innovate ways of communication.

He said: “Nowadays digital should be a central part of the mix for most organisations, especially charities as, in these tough times, they are competing for donations from people whose incomes are already stretched.”

The survey also revealed that two thirds of charities are using dated manual entry CRM systems. Patrick Nash added: “Charities should be using the more advanced systems that automatically input data, integrate all forms of donor communication and store it in the same place. Their team members are time-pressed as it is, and systems should empower them to focus on their supporters rather than repetitive processes.