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Identity of Workplace Giving UK’s new scheme revealed

Workplace Giving UK recently launched The Big Charity Whip Round, which encourages employees to donate the odd pennies on their paycheques to charity. The identity was revealed in an employer benefits show earlier this week.

Director Kristen Streten said: “We wanted the identity to convey the brilliant simplicity of the new scheme. Even though we’re talking about giving tiny amounts individually, if we all give together in this way, we can make a real and lasting difference to charities. It’s what makes signing up to The Big Charity Whip Round pretty hard to say No to.

Design Culture created the identity. Streten added: “The palette is candy coloured and the overall feel to the identity is fun, friendly and engaging. Supporting brand elements include a series of retro feel message stamps and a bespoke typeface, drawing from the logo, has been developed for use.”


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