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Four tips for charity leaders using social media

Research has demonstrated that eight out of ten people are more likely to trust an organisation if the CEO uses social media. More and more charities are discovering the potential in social media as a tool for communicating with their supporters.

In a recent article for the Guardian Voluntary Sector Network, Zoe Amar, a freelance marketing and digital communications consultant, shares four top tips on how charity leaders can get the most out of social media.

1. Set clear goals. As a charity leader, ask yourself what you doing to achieve from using social media and stick to it.

2. Communicate directly with supporters on Twitter. It is a great tool for generating support, particularly with influential figures like celebrities.

3. Blog about your work. What is the charity up to at the moment? Share your insights and build relationships.
4. Show your values as a charity leader. Be open with your supporters and share your passion for the cause. Tell people how you are making a difference.


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