Tesco supports Diabetes UK in new £2m ad campaign

In a bid to raise awareness of the risks attached to Type 2 diabetes, Diabetes UK has teamed up with Tesco in a new campaign that makes use of  digital advertising to spread the message of the campaign as far as possible.

Hoping to raise £10m to help those affected by or at risk of diabetes, the campaign will last from today until October 6th, and will include street, transport, radio and online promotion to highlight the danger of Type 2 diabetes, which can be caused by an increase weight or waist size, as well as ethnicity and family history.

The campaign also offers visitors to the website the chance to fill out a Diabetes UK Online Risk Score test, to see how close they potentially may be to the danger.

Chief Executive of Diabetes UK, Barbara Young, commented: “Most people do not understand the potential consequences of developing Type 2 diabetes.  We hope our advertising campaign will help people realise the importance of understanding their own risk of Type 2 and making lifestyle changes if they are one of the seven million of us who are at high risk.”

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