JustTextGiving reaches 100K fundraisers

Despite only being around for 2 years, the Vodafone Foundation and JustGiving have announced that their JustTextGiving partnership project, which allows people to sponsor fundraisers by text, has now reached 100,000 users, who have rallied together to raise over £10,000,000 thus far.

| 20th Sep 13

Despite only being around for 2 years, the Vodafone Foundation and JustGiving have announced that their JustTextGiving partnership project, which allows people to sponsor fundraisers by text, has now reached 100,000 users, who have rallied together to raise over £10,000,000 thus far.

More than 18,000 charities have used JustTextGiving since its creation in 2011, and the service has already received many accolades for the benefits it has offered charities looking to join the digital revolution and enhance their fundraising through mobile. Both individual sponsors as well as big companies can utilise the service to help the charity of their choice.

Winner of both the  Prime Minister’s Big Society Award, as well as the ‘Best Use of Technology’ category at the Charity Times Awards, the service has revolutionised charitable sponsorship and giving.

Commenting on the technology’s success was The Vodafone Foundation’s Andrew Dunnett, who said “We knew that JustTextGiving would be special when the service started, and we’ve been so pleased to see individual fundraisers making the most of text donations in their own fundraising for the first time.”

Text donations have also proved incredibly popular with younger people, and Andrew adds: “Research from last year shows quite clearly that the under 25s are much more likely to give to your cause via text donations than to open a laptop or desktop and to go online, and that’s a really exciting prospect for us.

“It’s great to win awards, to be recognised for the impact we’re having in the charity world and to have given individual fundraisers a new way of raising money.”

Check out JustTextGiving’s video below for more information.