Terry Pratchett teams up with Alzheimer’s Research UK in new online blog

| 18th Sep 13

In a bid to raise greater awareness of dementia, the celebrated fantasy writer will be reflecting on his own experiences of the condition in the launch of the charity’s new blog.

After having become the patron of Alzheimer’s Research UK in 2008 soon after revealing his diagnosis with posterior cortical atrophy, a rare variant of Alzheimer’s disease affecting vision, Sir Terry Pratchett is well placed to discuss society’s response to dementia in the new blog: www.dementiablog.org.

In the inaugural article, which is to be released on Wednesday 18th September, the writer reflects on fear, funding and “pussy footing” around dementia.

The blog aims to bring to light the ideas and experiences of people living with dementia, scientists working to improve diagnosis, prevention and treatment, and the fundraisers who support the UK’s leading dementia research charity.

Pratchett has already made a personal donation of almost £500,000 to the charity, and has been involved in many campaigns to promote greater research funding, including one which saw him deliver a major petition to the Prime Minister.

Rebecca Wood, Chief Executive of Alzheimer’s Research UK, commented: “Sir Terry has campaigned for dementia research funding for five years, and as he is living with Alzheimer’s himself, he is uniquely well placed to reflect on dementia today. Sir Terry’s point that dementia manifests uniquely for each individual underlines how complex a challenge it poses to those affected, their families and the scientists searching for answers.

“This blog will illuminate the often misunderstood effects of dementia, give a voice to hundreds of thousands who often struggle to be heard, and become the home of expert reaction to scientific developments across the world.”