Gay rights charity targets football world in new social media campaign

Stonewall, a leading gay rights charity based in the UK, is urging Premier League football players to don rainbow-coloured bootlaces in a stand against homophobia in the game, and is launching a social media campaign to drum up support for the idea.

The move comes as football has significantly less gay players than other sports, suggesting that many players continue to live in fear of coming out. The only British professional footballer to come out as gay was Justin Fashanu, who tragically killed himself in 1997.

Teaming up with bookmaker Paddy Power, Stonewall’s campaign, entitled ‘Right Behind Gay Footballers’ will be utilising advertising with ‘risque’ slogans to promote its anti-homophobia message, and will be using the hashtag #RBGF across its social media platforms.

Footballers such as Joey Barton have already announced support for the campaign via their own Twitter accounts.

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