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Charities receive 50% discount to attend Social Media Week

Now in its fourth year, Social Media Week is returning to London from 23rd-27th September. Hosted by chinwag, this year’s theme is Open & Connected, reflecting on the global impact of social media and its role as a catalyst in driving cultural, political, economic and social change.

There are 5 events that aim to help you find the good in social media.

  1. Cancer Research UK will hold a panel session focusing on “Cell Slider”, a game which has created a huge community of Citizen Scientists committed to finding a cure.
  2. Marketing consultants “All About the Idea”  will put issues decided on by the public in front of a panel of online trendsetters and social media leaders.
  3. The Salesforce “Mic Up” will bring the business and charity sectors together to discuss audience engagement via social media.
  4. “The Power of Good” will look at the necessity for brands to do good in the community to ensure lasting consumer relationships.
  5. “Being Good Makes Business Sense” will explore how to use social media with a strong social conscience.

SMWLDN VIP Passes are available at a 50% discount for people working in the charity sector. If that’s you click through to grab your pass.

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