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Most visits to JustGiving come through Facebook mobile

JustGiving Product Manager Jonathan Waddingham recently delivered a speech ‘Why our phone is our new BFF’ at the Institute of Fundraising Digital Conference.

During the speech, Waddingham revealed that most visits to JustGiving’s platform come from Facebook mobile than any other website, with referrals from the social network’s mobile site now making up 17% of JustGiving’s visits. Every month, 48% of all traffic to the site comes from mobile devices.

Waddingham’s speech also outlined how essential it was for charities to have technology optimised for the social and mobile generation. He said that those using their mobiles rather than desktop computers are 50% more likely to share their donation on social networks, and 21% of these shares result in another donation, which translates to an average of £5 for each share.

Waddingham said: “People showing they care about a cause on social media is the rallying cry of our time.  The more likely you are to share your JustGiving activity on social media, the more likely you are to encourage others to donate to the cause. Social today means mobile, as today’s donors are much more likely to be browsing and sharing with their networks on smartphone and tablet devices.

“‘Social + mobile’ users are making a genuine impact for thousands of causes by donating to charities they’ve seen on social media on their phones, giving wherever and whenever generosity strikes.”

Click here to read Jonathan’s full presentation.

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