Charities to fundraise through company phones with Donate Mobile

| 6th Sep 13

Charities can now generate income and save on mobile phone costs by switching their company mobile phone contracts to Donate Mobile, a mobile phone service launched earlier this year to help charities raise vital funds.

For every charity switching their company mobile phone contracts, Donate Mobile will donate 10% of the monthly mobile spend to the charity. Offering business mobile phones and contracts is the next step in Donate Mobile’s drive to provide a comprehensive ‘mobile regular giving’ solution for UK charities.

The service will initially be offered to smaller organisations. It is estimated that a charity with 20 employees using company phones could raise a minimum of £1,440 over the length of a 24-month contract

Charities are invited to share their mobile bill with Donate Mobile for analysis, to see if savings can be made. Recently one animal charity using 20 handsets did just this and discovered potential a potential annual saving of £6,000.

Mark Brunwin, Managing Director of Donate Mobile, says: “We know what the big two challenges are facing charities right now – cutting costs and raising funds. Through our company mobile phone service, charities can tackle both. We welcome the chance to show any UK charity how much we can reduce their mobile phone bill by and how much they can raise in donations at the same time.”