launches ProServices for nonprofits

Online fundraising platform has launched a series of tools for nonprofits called ProServices. The two new ProServices, ProCampaigns and ProDonations, can be subscribed to by any non-profit in the UK with no contracts or fees. They are offered separately and at tiered pricing based on size of the organisation, making it cost effective and increasing flexibility.

Charities using the tool will be able to create pages which integrate with their social media channels. They will also be able to segment donors quickly, add custom information to donor data and download data easily.

Co-founder and CEO, Matthias Metternich, says: “By spreading functionality across a variety of bite-sized tools, we’re offering not-for-profits ultimate flexibility to pick and choose what they need, rather than have to pay big, clunky ‘all-inclusive’ fees for non-essentials. We even offer a free version of all of our ProServices, so that we can provide significant value to not-for-profits upfront, while giving even the smallest not-for-profit the tools they need.”

“From our consumer facing experiences, through to what powers charityback-offices, 100% of is designed from the ground-up for phones, tablets and desktops. We’re already seeing not-for-profit employees use their own devices at work and want to get things done while on the road, or away from the office. This trend will only continue in the future and we’re on a mission to power that change.”


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