New daily microdonation app launched by Google

| 29th Aug 13

In a move to get people to give $1 a day to charity, Google has launched a new mobile app in the USA called One Today. Available on Android devices to US users and non-profits, the app champions a different charity each day.

According to UK fundraising, it takes just one click to donate the money and the good deed can be shared through social media. Adding an element of competition, the app allows users to challenge their friends to donate too. In time, the app will recognise the users preferred charities and suggest more relevant options.

US charities do not need to pay to sign up, although a 1.9% handling charge is made on each donation.

Google explains: “Google has a long-standing commitment to supporting nonprofits and to doing good. One Today makes fundraising easy for nonprofits; it also makes giving simple and fun for users.”