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Charities urged to hire apprentices to help with the digital agenda

ad_3Charities must be aware of digital trends if they want to stay ahead of the game. Having an active presence online is essential for reaching out to new donors and communicating with the existing donor base. Many charities fall behind when it comes to social media because they simply don’t have the time to invest in it.

Charities can benefit from hiring a digital marketing apprentice to ensure that they are doing everything possible to raise awareness of their cause. Marissa Yesin, a digital marketing Arch apprentice, began an apprenticeship at Streaming Well, an organisation which produces and distributes health videos online, on December 5th. Now nine months in, she is considered a big part of their team, heralded a “total star” by COO, Genevieve Robson. In June, Marissa won the Agilisys Future Digital Leader Award.

Streaming Well has only seven permanent staff and so Marissa has the opportunity to participate in all aspects of the business, from business development through to final delivery of the product. Her daily tasks consist primarily of video editing and filming.  She frequently sits in on development meetings so she learns aspects of the production side of the business (story development and scripting) as well as the media management, filming, sound recording, video and sound editing, post production and exporting to files, that she does herself.

COO and Co-founder of Streaming Well, Genevieve Robson, said: “The Apprenticeship scheme has been instrumental in allowing us to staff up and expand our business quickly. Without it, we never would have considered hiring someone as young as Marissa and we would have missed out on this fantastic employee who is such an asset to us at Streaming Well.”

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    In theory it’s a nice idea, but it still requires an organisation to invest time in developing a strategy around the audiences it aims to reach. It also requires the organisation to have content, which they often hope the social media person will create. In the case Streaming Well, the organisation is creating video content, so social media is a complete no-brainer. But for a charity that has traditionally been reaching audiences (or failing to reach) through mediums like print, there actually needs to be buy-in from the top level. Otherwise, the social media person will become frustrated as they will either be forced to make stuff up each day, or have their hands tied over what they can do. Also, just because someone uses facebook in their spare time, doesn’t mean they can write copy, develop strategies to reach new audiences or navigate the office politics and red tape when it comes to the ven diagram that is comms, marketing and information.