6 tips for charities to improve the way they present data

The way a charity presents its data is important as supporters can see where their donations go and how they benefit the cause. Here are six tips for charities to bear in mind if they want to present data more effectively:

  1. Communicate visually. Demonstrate your charity’s impact by presenting data in exciting and visually pleasing ways to encourage more people to donate.
  2. Use a variety of charts. Don’t just stick to a pie chart! Be inventive, use social network maps and infographics.
  3. Doodle ideas. Get a plan and sketch out how you would like to see the data presented. You might come up with a whole new creative idea.
  4. Inject a bit of colour. It draws the eye. It makes people happy. Use the colours of your charity and enhance important statistics with an eye catching shade.
  5. Stick to a reliable tool. Excel is the go-to tool for graph making.
  6. Present your data.  Publish the finished charts on your charity’s website and promote it through social media channels to give it maximum exposure.

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