NAFD launches new campaign to increase donations through Gift Aid

| 14th Aug 13

A new campaign, GiftAid 25 campaign, has been launched by the National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD) which aims to raise more money through Gift Aid by asking people attending funerals to donate online rather than by cash.

According to UK fundraising, the campaign is supported by JustGiving, Memory Giving, Friends and Relations and EMS Internet. The collaboration follows the estimations that charities miss out on over £25m each year because Gift Aid cannot be reclaimed.

Alan Slater, chief executive officer of the NAFD explained: “By launching the ‘GiftAid 25’ campaign we are not only helping funeral directors to provide an improved, added value service to their clients at a difficult time but we are also helping to support local communities by ensuring more money is given to well-deserving charities.”