SunGard expands its software to benefit charities

Software and IT services provider SunGard has extended its AddVantage trust accounting solution to help financial institutions improve operations in non-profit servicing, it has been reported.

According to a press release, the solution now provides the specialised sub-account processing, statements and reporting.

It offers delivery in a managed services environment as well as secure portals for donors, grantees, scholars, committee members, financial advisors and other constituents. It also provides public charities and private foundations with reporting and user access to enhance transparency of information and expenses.

Eileen Van Scoy, executive vice president, SunGard’s wealth & retirement administration business, said: “Combining the capabilities of SunGard’s trust accounting solutions with Stellar Technology Solutions’ iPhi platform will help financial institutions operate smarter by reducing administrative costs and manual processes.  In addition, these organizations will be able to increase agility and competitiveness in growing their non-profit businesses or launching philanthropic services.” 

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