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Innovate launches cost-saving IT solution

Leading IT solutions provider, Innovate, has launched its own dedicated cloud computing package, Cloud9.  It will offer charities cost-saving benefits of removing all PCs and servers and hosting their IT safely on the internet.

Cloud9 can achieve cost savings of 60% or more and improve operational efficiency by moving systems online.  Charities will save money however many PCs they have, as IT support charges are eliminated, operating systems, office software, anti-virus and anti-spam annual renewals are not needed and server power costs are removed.

David Pape, managing director at Innovate, says: “Cloud9 is a great concept that will transform the way charities can manage hosting and data. It has been a fantastic project to take from concept to reality and we envisage this being a key aspect of Innovate’s business moving forward.

“We know the cloud is the way forward for businesses and we are aware that many organisations, in particular the third sector, are having to look at drastic ways to reduce overheads. This is an example of where IT can be more efficient and reduce costs very simply.   We can offer a secure service that means customers know where their data is held, how much it is going to cost every month and who will look after them if there are any issues to resolve.”

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    The innovate link in this article is wrong and 404s

    • Katy Menczer

      Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The link has now been fixed.

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