How can charities use images to boost donations?

Images are engaging, shareable, and tell a story at a glance. This makes them a very valuable marketing tool. Charities should not underestimate the power of an image to help drive donations to their cause.

In a recent article for the Guardian Voluntary Sector Network, managing director and founder of Chameleon, Vicky Reeves, shares some advice on choosing images for charity websites.  We have summarised these below:

  1. Use real people and situations rather than setting up photoshoots. Supporters will feel more emotionally connected, and so will be more likely to donate.
  2. Make the message clear. Rather than choosing generic images, choose ones which support your message. Studies have shown that more money is donated if images contain children, or if they relate to an individual rather than a group.
  3. Strive for an emotive response. Research has shown a direct link between the emotional intensity of a photo and the amount of money raised.
  4. It’s about trial and error. Test people’s reactions to your images and use the insight gained to alter your decisions accordingly.

Click here for Vicky’s full article.

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