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Average online donations in the UK increase by 21% since 2010, reveals report

According to Blackbaud’s recent ‘The Next Generation of UK Giving’ report, which surveyed 1,498 UK donors about how they donate and engage with not-for-profits, the average online donation in the UK has risen by 21% since 2010.

Blackbaud analysed thousands of its customers’ online fundraising pages between 2010 and 2012 and revealed that the average online gift in 2012 was GBP64.07, up 21 per cent from GBP52.87 in 2010 and from GBP55.61 in 2011. However, a fall in the total number of donations from 2011 to 2012 meant that the customers analysed saw total revenues increase by just eight per cent in 2012 compared to 2010.

The report also revealed that the most popular way of donating to a charity was via a donation at a shop counter, with online giving only the fifth most popular channel. Donating via a website was not just restricted to younger donors though, with Mature donors (born in 1945 or earlier) almost equally as likely to donate online, reinforcing the need for charities to offer online as a donation channel.

The top five ways to donate were:

•         Donation at a shop counter – 45.4%

•         Charity gift shop – 44.7%

•         Monthly direct debit – 36%

•         Tribute gift – 20.1%

•         Online – 18.4%

Elliot Gowans, Sales Director, Blackbaud Europe, said: “Whilst the average online gift is higher than one might have expected due to the inclusion of educational establishments in the analysis, the total amount raised from online giving is still showing definite growth, proving that online is strengthening its position as a key donation channel with UK not-for-profits.” 

“Supporters want to donate in the way most convenient to them. As consumers of all age groups grow more comfortable with online financial transactions, any not-for-profit not allowing donations via this channel could be missing out on significant income. It will be interesting to see what the next big donation channel will be. Payment technologies such as NFC-enabled mobile phones and contactless payment cards will definitely be worth watching. Visa Europe predicts there will be more than 33 million contactless cards in the UK by the end the year, so this could open up a significant new channel for not-for-profits.”


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