3 data tips for charities

Data is a hot topic in the charitable sector as it gives organisations the chance to measure if what they are doing is actually having an impact. In a recent article for the Guardian Voluntary Sector Network, Duncan Ross discusses how charities should use data analytics to make more informed decisions. We have summarised these below:

  1. Use data to improve your services. Rather than just proving results, take time to analyse your findings and make any changes which could enhance the way your organisation operates.
  2. Think about hiring specialists and sharing data with supporters or other organisations.
  3. Data can solve practical challenges as demonstrated in these case studies.


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  • pedrodude

    and #4. Think carefully before investing heavily in analytic software. There’s probably quite a lot that your database teams (or you yourselves) can do with the software that you already own (or be bought cheaply). We’re not talking about extensive data mining here, but management reporting and monitoring of KPIs, campaign evaluation reporting, and a fair bit of analysis can be quite easily achieved (and more importantly, it can be almost completely automated) without expensive purchases.

    (Disclosure: I am a member of one of those database teams who can do whizzy stuff with the software that we already own!)