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Visceral Business launches 2013 Social Charity Study

Visceral Business has launched its 3rd annual study into how charities connect with their audiences through digital technology and social networking. The 2013 Social Charity Study is aimed at understanding how charities and non-profits are evolving as social organisations by making use of technology and open data to adapt to funding cuts

The study has five core themes:

1. The relationship between fundraising revenue and social connection.

2. Data and developing impact throughout the supporter experience.

3. Social narrative and curation.

4. The networked organisation.

5. The future.

The study looks at these issues “from digital, organisational change and impact perspectives. This is an anthropological study to get under the skin of the important issue of non-profit evolution, exploring how dynamically and responsively charities are tackling these challenges by creating deeper dialogue with supporters and using data to track and create efficiencies in terms of fundraising and charitable impact.”

Visceral Business are inviting anyone working for a charity or non-profit to share their insights and experiences by participating in the research survey, which can be found here.

The survey is open from today to end of play Friday August 23rd and the research will be published, for free, in mid-September.

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