Interview with Seema Hassan, Customer Support Manager at CTXchange

Charity Digital News recently caught up Seema Hassan, customer support manager at Charity Technology Exchange, a programme created by Charity Tech Trust (CTT), in partnership with TechSoup Global.

| 23rd Jul 13

Charity Digital News recently caught up Seema Hassan, customer support manager at Charity Technology Exchange  (CTXchange), a programme created by Charity Tech Trust (CTT), in partnership with TechSoup Global.

1) Why was CTXchange created?

The programme was created with the belief that technology is a powerful enabler for social change – Techsoup assembled a worldwide network of individuals and organisations that share this conviction. The CTX programme is part of this network serving the third sector in the UK, and was started up in 2006.

The CTXchange programme has enabled thousands of charities to have access to donated and discounted software from partners such as Microsoft, Symantec and Cisco at a fraction of the RRP. This has allowed charities across the UK to become more efficient in the world of technology.

2) How does the CTXchange programme work?

Eligible UK-based charities are able to request donated or discounted technology products from partners such as Microsoft, Symantec, Cisco and Huddle. The products include operating system software and server software, cloud based office solutions, even security software and hardware products such as switches, routers, wireless equipment and firewalls.

As all the partners we have on board have their own eligibility criteria, when a charity has registered with us via our online form, we need to review their applications. Charities generally receive notification within 3 to 5 working days and about those partners they are eligible to order software from.

3) In what ways can access to up-to-date technology aid charities in their daily operations?

Access to up-to-date technology can completely change the way a charity works, an IT upgrade with secure and available IT infrastructure can allow a charity to have remote access across the organisation, giving staff the flexibility to work from home or abroad if required. Charities can improve the way in which they communicate with their beneficiaries, and upgraded software and hardware can improve staff morale. There’s nothing worse than working with slow and unreliable IT.

To see how technology obtained through the programme has helped charities across the UK, visit our website and read some of the case studies we have put up and their success stories.

4) Are there any particular features that charities can benefit from?

The key benefit to charities is the savings. Whilst the administrative fees vary, charities will still make savings of between 92-96% on typical retail prices.

CTXchange is the only programme in the UK which offers such high savings to the third sector.

It is also a very simple process. The registration process is free, and once a charity has received its eligibility confirmation, they are able to request their donation through our online CTXchange shop. As most orders are fulfilled via a secure download link, charities no longer have to wait for physical discs.

5) How can charities save money through using the CTXchange programme?

Since the CTXchange programme started, it’s estimated that the sector saved over £93,000,000 – an average saving of 95.57% per software donation.

As an example, a copy Office professional Plus 2013 suite from a high street store is £360.00 per license. Through the CTXchange programme, an eligible organisation would only pay £20.00 (+ VAT) for the same product.

6)  What does the future hold for CTXchange?

With registrations and donation requests increasing every day, CTT and Techsoup are actively working to further expand the programme to include donations from other leading corporate technology donors. Our goal is to continue to help charities reach their goals and fulfil their cause by having the correct IT infrastructure and make an impact on the third sector to move forward with the times.