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6 digital marketing tips for charities

Non-profits looking to enhance their internet presence and drive further traffic and donations should take advantage of the internet to promote their cause whenever they can. Take a look at this advice on how charities can make the most of digital marketing.

  1. Make sure your website attractive, but not confusing – Too much information dotted around a page will mean visitors will click away almost automatically. Try to keep your layout fun, but not over-the-top, and ensure people can navigate around the site easily.
  2. Update your site regularly – Keep your website fresh and modern by ensuring it’s updated regularly. The increasing amount of charity work and organisation taking place online means people will react to news extremely quickly – so try to give the punters what they want!
  3. Communicate with donors – Whether through a weekly newsletter, on Twitter or via Facebook, ensure you keep up a rapport with donors online to make sure they don’t forget about you.
  4. Be mobile ready – People are increasingly using their smartphones and tablets online, so make sure your site is mobile-ready, or you may put off visitors with an outdated site that is unattractive when viewed on a mobile phone.
  5. Don’t be afraid to be personal – Subscribers, like most people, don’t like to feel like a statistic. Find a content management system that detects individual users and allows you to target them with particular messages and content based on previous visits, information they have inputted, or geographical location.
  6. Encourage donations whenever you can – Promote donations through various social media channels and on your main page whenever you can. Don’t bombard visitors with donation adverts, or they may feel overwhelmed, but make sure that they will be able to donate easily by ensuring a donations section is always in an obvious place on your front page.

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