Helplines can use technology to improve service delivery

| 17th Jul 13

Many charities rely on helplines to deliver support and advice to those who need it. They need to be aware of changing technologies which they can utilise to improve service delivery.

Increasingly people accessing services expect it to be available on a range of platforms, so embracing new technology is vital. In a recent study by Helplines Partnership member Nightline Association found that email and online chat were becoming as important as the telephone in terms of how students want to access helpline services.

Theodore Spyrou, Chief Executive of Helplines Partnership said “There have been great strides in moving towards greater internet uptake. We know that there are complex behavioural factors behind the motivation of the public to use certain online services, rather than a more traditional method. Some people prefer to talk directly to someone on particular matters.

We know from our members that while multi-channel offerings are increasing in popularity, telephone remains by far the most popular method of contact and is likely to continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Telephone helplines are special as they provide a safe, confidential space to discuss complex problems.”