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Google for Nonprofits launches in the UK

A new programme, Google for Nonprofits, which provides free Google products to charities and nonprofit organisations, has launched in the UK.

The programme began in 2011 and this is its first launch outside of the US.  So far, Google has given away over USD1bn in free and discounted products.

Several UK charities, including BeatBullying, Little Princess Trust, RNLI, and WaterAid, already use Google tools to promote their causes. Now charities registered in England and Wales can sign up for a wide range of free products.

Charities taking part will receive up to USD10,000 a month in advertising credit on Google Adwords to promote their causes and reach potential donors.  They will gain free access to the online communication and collaboration suite Google Apps, to help cut IT costs and improve communications. Charities will also have access to premium features within YouTube and Google Earth Outreach to help raise awareness of their work.

A number of learning resources will be available to charities, such as educational videos, technical support via an online forum and advice on how to connect with other charities.

Dan Cobley, Managing Director, Google UK said: “Through Google for Nonprofits, we want to support the incredible work of charitable organisations in the UK by eliminating some of the technical challenges and costs that they face. We hope our technology will help them to reach more donors, improve operations and raise awareness so they can focus on changing the world for the better.”

Charities registered with Charity Commission of England and Wales can apply today.

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  • Sara Thomas

    Well, it’s launched in England & Wales. Nothing as yet for Scotland / NI, hope it can’t be too far behind…

  • Ian

    ‘To be eligible your organisation must be:
    Currently be registered with Charity Commission for England and Wales as a charity.’

    Where does that leave Scotland and N.Ireland?

  • Angela

    I can’t see any info on if your charity already has some of these benefits (eg. AdWords grant) if you automatically get access to the additional stuff too or if you have to apply again – does anyone know?

    • disabilitypregnancyparenthood

      The sign up page says if you already have a service you don’t need to sign up again.

  • Thyroid UK

    If you apply for Google Adwords Grant, make sure you don’t mention any medications on your site – this is not allowed. We wasted a lot of our time organising the keywords only to have the grant taken away.

  • Adrian Mitchell

    I wonder – we already have a paid for Google Apps for Business account – does this mean I can transfer that account on to the free Non-profits version?

  • Catherine

    It would have helped if there was a comment at the end to clarify about Scotland, I’d like to know a timescale. Yes it’s lovely and all that jazz, but really, Scotland is part of the UK! (maybe not in some peoples’ eyes)

    • Catherine

      Actually, just thinking on the heading of this article, it doesn’t launch in the UK, does it.

  • RollaDome

    We are a registered charity providing recreational sports for health, engagement and increasing participation in sport to young people.. Just applied and apparently We don’t meet their criteria!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Support U Ltd

    My charity has already been using this service for a year. Now we have the full version not just the AdWords. My charity is Support U.