Social media tips for charities

| 16th Jul 13

Keeping on top of social media trends is essential for charities to make sure they are reaching out to people in the most effective way possible.

Here are a few Facebook tips compiled by CTXchange to improve the way you communicate with your supporters on the popular social media channel.

  1. Edit preview titles and text. When sharing a link, add some context to encourage people to view it.
  2. Choose a good picture. If a link you are posting doesn’t have a great photo, then choose one yourself. Keep it relevant and where possible, eye catching.
  3. You can edit photo text after it’s been published. This means you can upload photos in a hurry then return to edit the text.
  4. Ask your audience questions and add your own response options for quick and easy research.
  5. Keep your best posts at the top of the page by pinning them. This is especially useful if you have a big announcement.
  6. Schedule your posts in advance. A great tool if you want some news to go out at a specific time.