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JustGiving reassures fundraisers after Charity Giving is suspended

CharityGiving.co.uk, a website which allows users to create their own fundraising pages online, has been suspended by the Charity Commission since Friday, after it was found that the organisation hadn’t filed accounts for three years.

According to the BBC, a shortfall of at least GBP250,000 was found in the funds that the website was supposed to donate to various charities. It is feared that UK fundraisers will be put off using such sites.

Leading online fundraising platform JustGiving is attempting to reassure fundraisers following this news. Zarine Kharas, founder and CEO of JustGiving, said: “It couldn’t have happened to us because the monies owed to charities are 100% ring-fenced.”

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  • Damo Critic

    Hopefully people will learn to ask the important due diligence questions. How long will you hold on to our money, where will you hold it and what are my powers to get at it if you don’t . Do you have an idea whether this is the result of bad management, of willful criminality, or incompetence on CharityGiving’s part?

  • Adrian Brewer

    We are Roll Out the Barrel (www.rotb.co.uk) As a small charity we looked hard at getting as much as possible into the coffers through on-line giving. In the end our accountant advised that we should stick to the tried and tested so we selected Just Giving and are about to sign to Virgin. As trustees we are required to employ due diligence and monitor not just what we spend but how it arrives. Hopefully any of those charities that are signed to charity giving will ultimately get their funds through. It is hard enough without this sort of thing.

  • Eleanor Harrison

    As with standard good financial practice in online charity fundraising we ring fence donations to our individual charity partners, keeping them in a separate, dedicated account so that they cannot ever get mixed up with operational cost. We disburse to our partners when their donations exceed £250 in total. This is for time efficiency and cost – as many donations go directly overseas to the projects. Eleanor Harrison, CEO, GlobalGiving UK (www.globalgiving.co.uk)