Report encourages charities to drive donations through images and video

PR agency Aberfield Communications has responded to a report by New Philanthropy Capital which found that many UK charities are failing to fully engage with their supporters through social media by not posting enough photos and videos online.

According to the Drum, the report found that people in the UK would donate an extra GBP665m if they knew more about charities’ goals. Yet out of the 200 charities surveyed, 55% didn’t have an active presence on at least two image-based social networks and 18% had none at all. This suggests that charities are underestimating the power images and videos have to drive donations.

BeatBullying and Muslim Hands were the charities found to be the best at using image-based networks such as Flickr and Instagram.

Aberfield Communications director Phil Reed said: “Getting people to become active and committed supporters would arguably be more effective if the charities harnessed the power of images in social media, rather than just words. Text gets information across, but images are what bring the campaigns to life and drive real emotional engagement with supporters and volunteers.”

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