Charities urged to make the most of social media

| 5th Jul 13

In a recent article for the Guardian, Claudia Cahalane, explains how digital technology should be integrated into the fundraising strategy and that many charities are not using this to their best potential.

At the Institute of Fundraising (IoF) national convention charities were urged to make their websites mobile friendly so that potential donors could access it remotely.

Paul Relf, supporter services manager at the Prince’s Trust, said: “The challenge is: will you make social media an integrated part of your strategy? A YouGov survey in May found that 13% of people bought something after seeing it on social media, up from 6% last year. And, 5.5% are now donating through social networks. It might not seem much, but that’s the same figure as phone donations.

“Every time you think about a fundraising initiative, think about how you can utilise digital and social media. In many charities, fundraising strategies aren’t keeping up with digital trends and there’s still a split – digital is seen as happening separately rather than the sector embracing digital across their fundraising campaigns.”