Interview with Jon Landau – VP of the Huddle Foundation

Charity Digital News recently caught up with Jon Landau, VP of the Huddle Foundation, a cloud collaboration tool which improves the services of charities and non-profits across the globe.

| 4th Jul 13

Charity Digital News recently caught up with Jon Landau, VP of the Huddle Foundation, a cloud collaboration tool which improves the services of charities and non-profits across the globe. Here’s what he had to say:

1. Why was the Huddle Foundation created?

Right back from 2006 when Huddle was founded we wanted to create the Huddle Foundation. We all felt very lucky in our lives and our careers, so always had the goal of ‘giving something back’ as part of building an amazing product and company like Huddle. We were inspired by programs like the Salesforce Foundation, so we follow a similar integrated corporate philanthropic approach. To have donated over $10million in Huddle packages to over 1,500 non-profit organisations globally since we started makes us all really proud – but we want to grow this even further!

2. Could you describe the service that the Huddle Foundation provides?

Our model is built around both our technology and our people, with the philosophy that by donating the Huddle product we can help non-profit orgs globally, and via our employee volunteering programs we can make a difference to our local communities.

With our global partnership with TechSoup any eligible non-profit org can benefit from a donated Huddle package, to help them collaborate on projects, share files and work more effectively. Huddle is a cloud-based tool, so invited users can login wherever they’re based, whenever they need to and on any device they choose to use.  We also offer up to an 80% discount for charities that need more than the donated 25 Huddle users.

Then our new volunteering program allows every Huddle employee two working days per year to donate their own time and skills to organisations of their own choosing, helping local communities around Huddle’s global office locations. This is a great way of getting all our teams involved in local charitable causes, activities or events.

3. What makes Huddle different from other cloud collaboration tools?

We all know that email is not an effective tool to work with files across multiple people or teams, it’s too easy for the conversation to get lost and many systems have size limitations. Heavyweight tools such as SharePoint are expensive and complex and personal cloud storage tools don’t offer the security or visibility that organisations require.

Huddle is a ‘next generation’ content collaboration tool, allowing organisations to seamlessly and securely store, share and work on files or projects online and offline. Our apps allow users to work on mobile devices in the office and on the go. In short, Huddle works anywhere, with anyone.

4. Are there any particular features that charities can benefit from?

Every charity I speak to always tells me they have a huge amount of information to share, whether it be between internally with staff, boards of directors, or externally with consultants, volunteer networks or teams at separate office locations. But they never seem to have a standardised, simple and secure way to do it!

So even though specific features like approval processes, discussion threads or mobile access might be some of the added bonuses when a charity starts using Huddle, it’s the amazing central file sharing platform that I think is really the big benefit for organisations.

5. What does the future hold for the Huddle Foundation?

I’d love to see the Huddle Foundation being an inspiration to other tech start-ups, showing that building an integrated philanthropic program right from day one can be of major benefit, both for their own corporate development as well as to charities who can all benefit from innovation and cost savings to help them focus on achieving their aims.

But my first goal is to expand our donation network as far as we can globally (we’re hopefully launching in more territories with TechSoup this year). We want as many charities as possible to benefit from Huddle!

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