Donate Mobile launches new mobile phone service to promote charitable giving

| 3rd Jul 13

Donate Mobile is offering a new mobile service to promote charitable giving, it has been reported. If charity supporters swap their normal SIM for a Donate Mobile SIM card, 10% of their monthly bill will be automatically donated to a charity of their choice.

Over 160,000 UK charities are registered to Donate Mobile including Help for Heroes and Oxfam.

Mark Brunwin, Managing Director of Donate Mobile, says: “The service has everything you would expect but with the extra benefit of a donation to a cause close to your heart, importantly with no extra cost to you or your chosen charity. We’ve seen an explosion in text giving recently and see this as the next chapter in supporting good causes through your mobile phone. We hope to raise around £15m for good causes over the next five years. 

“Our customers have found it very quick and easy to switch from their existing mobile service providers and we hope that our charity branded monthly bills, detailing the amount donated, will be the nicest bills they ever receive.”

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