Technology planning in small charities

| 1st Jul 13

Not many charities can afford a specialised IT manager, whether full or part time. Most rely on a local volunteer or member of staff with some knowledge or skill.

Charities are increasingly reliant on technology, whether for managing their back office functions, such as HR and finance, or enhancing their service deliveries to their users. Creating and following a strategy for using technology can help small charities deliver improved services and ultimately fulfil their missions.

On 29th July charities are invited a workshop, for people who are not IT specialists, which will explain why a technology plan is essential. It will help those attending to understand what exactly should be in a technology plan, and provide a framework for working with stakeholders to produce a technology plan that everyone understands and agrees with. Simple tools and templates will be provided which can be used on return to the participant’s organisation to develop the plan.

In addition, it is hoped to show those attending some of the latest technologies that IBM uses itself to communicate, collaborate and deliver greater productivity.

Tickets are £20. Click here for more information and to book.