Giveffect crowdfunding site targets next generation of donors

A new crowdfunding website, Giveeffect, has been launched in Toronto which targets the next generation of donors and helps charities catch up with the digital age.

Charities using the site will gain access to a managed online payment and tax receipting system as well as access to a social network of donors in their teens and 20s. Users know when friends donate to charity as a result of clicking links from their Facebook or Twitter posts.

Donors’ demographic data is also provided to participating charities, and access to Facebook-like profiles. Charities are required to let the donors know how they used the money.

CEO Anisa Mirza, said: “As fundraisers and as organisations, we are striving and should be striving for ways to interact and be more in tune with donors. With Giveffect, we correct for that huge problem, which is the relationship building.”

“We’re going for that generation that has a mindset of looking for impact, looking for lasting solutions. They want to know what happened with their money, they want to be engaged with charities, they want to feel like they’re leaders, they want to get others engaged, and they want a platform that is savvy, up-to-date with this digital era. And that’s what we’re providing.”

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