Charities should invest more in technology, says Richard Cooper at CTT

| 26th Jun 13

The way a charity uses technology can mean the difference between success and failure. In a recent post for the Guardian Voluntary Sector network, Richard Cooper, director of programmes at Charity Tech Trust (CTT) talks about how many charities are failing to use IT opportunities to their best potential due to a lack of understanding.

The National Computing Centre survey of IT investment discovered that the charitable sector invested the least in technology compared to other sectors. The main reason for this discrepancy is lack of money. Cooper also suggests that people in senior positions don’t understand technology well enough to properly invest in it. Therefore having someone with senior management experience in IT could be extremely beneficial to charities.

Cooper says how at CTT he sees first hand the benefits that technology can bring to a charity. In fact, 80% of organisations using CTT’s technology donation programme, CTXchange, said they had seen a positive impact on their service delivery.

Click here for Richard’s full post.