Charity leaders discuss the benefits of going digital

| 25th Jun 13

Advice charities are being urged to put more of their efforts into digital services than face-to-face support, it has been reported.

At a recent roundtable event held by New Philanthropy Capital, charity leaders discussed ways they could continue providing support despite lack of funding. Leaders put forward the idea of digital and telephone services to replace face-to-face support which often carries long waiting lists, often up to five weeks.

CEO of Beatbullying, Emma-Jane Cross, spoke about the positive influence that digital has had on her charity. She said that Beatbullying “wouldn’t have been able to scale and expand without going almost entirely online” and that “if advice charities don’t embrace digital, they will go bankrupt in the next ten years.”

Beatbulling now offers online services to 152,000 young people in the form of online conferences, peer mentoring and digital fundraising. Another organisation said that although it can reach more people operating online, it made it more difficult to follow up specific cases.