Digital Index to provide data insight for small charities

| 21st Jun 13

On Wednesday 19th June Minister of Civil Society, Nick Hurd launched the Small Charity Index, a monthly digital report for the charitable sector.

Participating charities will fill out a survey via email or SMS, allowing for a faster turnaround of data, keeping the information as relevant as possible. Hard data on the sector will be published in monthly reports, along with quarterly reports looking at qualitative elements of the data.

The charity behind the index, FSI, aims to have 350 charities on board with an annual turnover of GBP1.5m. If you would like to get involved contact

Gerry Griffin, CEO of Skill-Pill M-learning, the organisation that developed the technology behind the Index, said: “There’s a lot of great activity and ‘noise’ out there. The idea behind the index is to give some kind of concert to that noise and to give some focus as well; to allow people to be clear about the calls to action. We don’t have the access to the resources that big charities have, but together with some focus and some rigorous metrics which the index is designed to give us, we’ll be able to get the attention small charities deserve.”

Pauline Broomhead, the CEO of the FSI, said: “We know that small charities are working in an increasingly challenging environment, and at the FSI we believe it is essential that the most up-to-date information is available to inform decision–making on the sector.”