Engage young donors with digital fundraising

The connected generation

The connected generation

Mark Thompson, marketing and fundraising director at St Vincent de Paul Society has revealed that young people are more charitable online than offline due to the new sharing culture. The tech-savvy generation are eager to share causes they are interested in on their social media sites, consequently encouraging further donations.

26-year-old donor Sarah Jesudason said: “In a way donating online is less evasive, as you aren’t approaching strangers, and people can ignore your request for donations”

Mark Thompson said: “Younger people are more likely to donate online than older people, because they’ve grown up with technology, they inherently trust it.”

He added that digital fundraising is the way forward as it fits into people’s hectic lifestyles; they can donate at times convenient to them. Online fundraising makes up 46% of St Vincent de Paul Society’s donations. Thompson added: “It’s quicker, they have more control over the decision process, and they can do it without having to take time out of their busy day.”

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