FreePostcodeLottery goes charitable for July

A charitable July!

A charitable July! is a site which offers a daily prize draw by the user simply entering a postcode. During the month of July, the site will match winnings with a donation to the user’s chosen charity, according to UK fundraising.

After July the site will continue to support charities by offering users the chance to double their winnings if they pledge to give it to charity.

Founder, Chris Holbrook, said: “Things are going well on the site, with over GBP12,000 won so far. Last year, I doubled the prize fund from GBP10.00 to GBP20.00 per day and I’ve always planned to add a charity element. If it goes well we might make Cahrity Month a regular event. If you support or work for a small local charity sign up and nominate them. As everyone has an equal chance of winning.”

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