In memory fundraising on the rise

| 24th May 13
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GBP27m was raised in 2012 through in memory giving
GBP27m was raised in 2012 through in memory giving

In memory giving is becoming a popular way of raising money, according to data from JustGiving. In 2012, over GBP27m was raised in this way, representing a rise of 32%. 90,000 in memory fundraising pages are created each year.

In memory giving is when people donate to a cause affiliated with the deceased or set up by the family. It creates a digital legacy for the deceased, in fact, 67% of British adults would rather donate to that rather than give flowers.

Gemma Randall, Head of Charity Partnerships at JustGiving, comments: “The ability to raise fund for good causes in memory of a lost loved one isn’t a new idea, but it’s being made so much easier and more effective through the Internet.The result is a permanent online legacy that reflects the person’s passions and personality in life that can help friends and family make sense of their loss and become an uplifting way of keeping their memories alive.”