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Interview with Elizabeth Carter, Manager of CTT’s email marketing programme

CTTMail - effective, fast and powerful

CTTMail – effective, fast and powerful

Charity Tech Trust (CTT) works in partnership with the technology sector to support charities and not-for-profit organisations in the UK to use technology to enhance the way they work.

In a recent interview, Charity Digital News asked Elizabeth Carter, manager of CTT’s email marketing programme CTTMail about the future of email marketing and what CTTMail can offer the charitable sector.

 1.       Email remains one of the most effective and easy forms of marketing for charities. Do you agree?

Yes, I totally agree.  It is cost-effective, easy to set up, targeted, fast, engaging, empowering and it also offers the security of a non-intrusive opt-in platform. Unlike other mediums of marketing and promotions, email marketing can be segmented in terms of its target audience. This means you can split people into smaller, more focused lists, giving a more personalised approach to your marketing messages which makes it easier to cultivate a relationship.

2.       Do you think that communicating through social media will replace email?

I don’t think that social media will ever fully replace email within the third sector in the near future. Email is still the most personal and “business like” one-to-one medium.  It provides a level of privacy and professionalism that is frequently questioned with social media.  I believe that it is paramount for a charity to create a healthy relationship between email marketing and social media and together these two marketing methods will generate a powerful awareness about the charity’s cause and mission.

3.       Could you describe the service CTTMail provides? What makes CTTMail different from other email marketing tools?

CTTMail, our email marketing service, distributes over three million emails per month on behalf of our clients. It is an effective, easy to use, fast and powerful email marketing tool that gives you the flexibility to allow users to easily create, send, socially share and analyse highly targeted, data driven triggered email campaigns, landing pages and surveys. We also offer in-house training & coaching to equip charity team members with the right knowledge, awareness, skill and approach.

4.       Are there any particular features that charities can benefit from?

Our clients benefit from a wide variety of features such as; a drag and drop editor, website sign up form wizard, preference centers, easy data upload, data segmentation, personalisation, dynamic content, free unlimited test campaigns, automated split testing kit, Inbox preview and proofing (including for iPod and mobile), four types of automated emails, real-time reporting suite and email client analysis tool.  The list could go on and on!

5.       Are your email campaigns mobile friendly?

Yes, we design email campaigns that look good and work well on all platforms.  If you wish to create your email campaign from scratch, the platform automatically offers you a selection of designs including mobile friendly templates.

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